Our company

Procubitos was founded in 1989 as part of Grupo Empresarial Hervaz, an Andalusian business group that performs its activities in several sectors: industry, agriculture, cattle, energy and distribution.

Procubitos’ mission is to be a reference company regarding food ice production and distribution, providing efficient and rigorous services in the international and national market and offering first-class products and services.

Ever since, we have become one of the leading companies in the food ice industry, with the greatest capacity of ice cubes production in the European market: 300,000 kg of ice cubes produced per day.

Our main ice cubes production centres are located in Campo de Gibraltar (this is where our headquarters are) and Cebreros (Ávila, Spain).


We supply more than 10,000 selling points with ice, which are spread around the whole Iberian Peninsula and part of Europe. We rely on several strategically located delegation and distribution points, and we have a storage capacity of about 3,000 pallets of ice.

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