Awards and recognitions

Golden Cecale Award 2012

The Golden Cecale (Cecale de Oro) is an award granted each year by Cecale (which stands for Confederación de Organizaciones Empresariales de Castilla y León, i.e. Confederation of Business Organizations from Castilla y León) to all entrepreneurs who are an active example of commitment and business dedication. In this 20th edition, the award was granted to Miguel Ángel Vázquez Gavira, General Director of Procubitos and ICH.

Empresario del Año 2013

Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2013

The Confederation of Entrepreneurs from Ávila (CONFAE) usually acknowledges different entrepreneurs from the city who have stood out thanks to their achievements, such as their business career, their commitment with the organization and its associations, their innovation, their responsibility in terms of equity, their strengthening of the industry, their entrepreneurship or their presence and influence outside. In 2013, CONFAE has honoured our General Director, Miguel Ángel Vázquez Gavira, and granted him the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

CEPA Award 2009

The CEPA Award, granted by the Asociation of Entrepreneurs from Cebreros (Asociación Cebrereña de Empresarios), was given to the person in charge of the ICH ice factory that Procubitos owns in that city. The prize was awarded to Miguel Ángel Vázquez Gavira and he committed himself not only to continue with his performance in Cebreros, but also to willingly expand his production and, in turn, his staff and storage systems.

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