Corporate Social Responsibility

At Procubitos, we are aware of our responsibility as a company and as part of our society. Therefore, we believe that “Corporate Social Responsibility” is a basic element for our business policy.

For Procubitos, the Corporate Social Responsibility consists of giving back to our society what it provides us with. Our goal is to reach an excellent operating level in our business management, and at the same time to help improving our world socially, economically and environmentally.


Quality and food security

ISO is the International Organization for Standarization. Its standards include ISO 9000 Series, regarding quality management systems, and ISO 14000 Series, related to the certification of environmental management systems. Our Procubitos factory in Ávila is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

On the other hand, food security demands are growing more and more. Both consumers and authorities are starting to require more frequently that the food we eat meets high quality and security levels. If a problem occurs, it is necessary to identify its causes quickly and solve it as soon as possible.

Therefore, our Procubitos factory in Ávila is certified to the International Food Standard (IFS), a worldwide recognized standard that ensures the quality and food security of processes and products.

Respect for the environment

At Procubitos, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. We implement a social policy of environmental protection based on reducing the environmental burden resulting from the industrial activities in compliance with ISO 14001 standard, by means of energy saving, waste reduction and recycling programs.

From the very beginning, our actions were intended to save as much as possible in terms of water consumption. We have managed to implement a very new system, which recovers residual water from the production of ice cubes and reuses it to refrigerate our machinery. On the other hand, our purification treatment uses ozone, which provides the ice with a better quality and a complete hygienization. It is the best alternative in order to be environmentally friendly.


Other initiatives

At Procubitos we believe that sports bring along a series of inherent values that are very beneficial for our society. That is why we support sport initiatives, such as the Cross Alpino in Cebreros or football clubs, such as Club Deportivo San Roque or Cultura y Deportiva Cebrereña. Additionally, we collaborate with other cultural and social initiatives, such as the local festivities from Cebreros.

Furthermore, we cooperate actively with caring institutions, such as Hogar Beania, a nonprofit association that takes in homeless people, or with Fundación Manolo Maestre Dávila, which works actively and directly with the needy.

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