With our Ice Franchise system, you wish to start your own business, Procubitos offers you the opportunity to work with us and benefit from our advantages:

With our Ice Franchise system, You would benefit from the support of an established brand: a corporate image, uniformity, advertising elements, vehicle labelling, etc. We are constantly looking for new market opportunities.

We ensure the supply of our products at any time of the year. We produce 300,000 kg of ice cubes per day, with cold rooms that can store up to 3,000 pallets. This is the most technologically advanced factory in Europe and it also has the highest production capacity.
The manufacturing process complies with demanding quality and the highest food security standards (IFS Food). The water is filtered with a purification treatment including ozone, which provides ice with a better quality and a full cleaning. All of our production chains at our ice factories are automated, to avoid human handling that could imply a lack of health and hygiene awareness.

We have different kinds of ice to meet the different needs of our customers.

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Training and support in our system of sales and delivery.

You can benefit from the advantages offered by the centralization of freezer purchases.

If you are interested in our ice franchise system, call (+34) 902 194 576. With Procubitos, you will enjoy these and other advantages.


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