We currently rely on two main production centres:

The initial factory is located in Campo de Gibraltar (Cádiz, Spain), where daily production amounts to 50,000 kg of ice cubes, with a storage capacity of 1,600 pallets.

The ICH factory (which stands for Ingeniería y Comercialización del Hielo, i.e. engineering and marketing of ice) is situated in Cebreros (Ávila, Spain), just 70 km away from Madrid. At this ice factory, we produce 250,000 kg of ice cubes per day, with cold rooms that can store up to 1,000 pallets. This is the most technologically advanced factory in Europe and it also has the highest production capacity.

During the manufacturing process, which complies with demanding quality and food security standards (IFS Food), water from the local network is used. This water is filtered with a purification treatment including ozone, which provides ice with a better quality and a full cleaning. All of our production chains at our ice factories are automated, from the bags being filled and closed, through its sacking in sacks containing 5 bags and its subsequent arrangement in pallets by palletization robots. Thus, we avoid human handling that could imply a lack of health and hygiene awareness.

Gobierno de España
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