Respect for the environment

Food security

Our Procubitos factory in Ávila is certified to the International Food Standard (IFS), a worldwide recognized standard that ensures the quality and food security of processes and products.

With more than 12,000 certifications, standards translated into 20 languages and more than 800 auditors, IFS Food is the most demanding standard in terms of quality and food security in the world. A total of nine out of ten of the main food distributors are certified to IFS, such as Wal-Mart (US), Mercadona (Spain) and many others.

With the implementation of IFS standards in our company, not only do we ensure the production of high quality and completely safe products, but we have also managed to improve the existing internal processes and to be more competitive.


Respect for the environment

At Procubitos, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. We implement a social policy of environmental protection based on reducing the environmental burden resulting from the industrial activities in compliance with ISO 14001 standard, by means of the following programs:

Energy saving

From the very beginning, our actions were intended to save as much as possible in terms of water consumption. We have managed to implement a very new system, which recovers residual water from the production process and reuses it to refrigerate our machinery. On the other hand, our purification treatment uses ozone, which provides the ice with a better quality and complete hygienization.  It is the best alternative in order to be environmentally friendly.

Waste reduction

With specific actions to reduce wastes, such as used oil, empty containers, aerosols and fluorescent tubes.


Recycling of paper, cardboards, plastics, toner, cartridges and pallets.

Noise reduction

With specific actions for noise measurement and reduction.

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